Local Police Tape

Rome police are investigating a barrage of gunfire on Hardy Avenue early Friday morning that damaged several homes and a car.

According to police reports:

A Hardy Avenue resident called police to the scene on June 7 just before 1:30 a.m. and showed them a pile of spent shell casings in the middle of the road. A glass side door of their home had been shattered and officers started checking other homes for damage or injuries.

There were no injured people, but at one house there were several holes in two front windows, a shattered glass front door and several rounds through the vehicle parked out front.

The resident told police they were unaware of any shooting and had not realized the damage had occurred.

A check inside the home turned up a bullet in the living room wall behind a couch, another near the kitchen and a third that had gone through the front wall and passed through a chair and couch cushion before embedding in the wall.

Several rounds were found in the vehicle as well. The bullets were collected as evidence.


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