Four Flint, Michigan, men were found to have committed card fraud at the Calhoun Kroger on Friday afternoon after buying several Powerade drinks on different cards, reports stated.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

Keondre L. Toins, 20; Christian G. Aubrey, 19; Darquavius J. Tabron, 20; and Robert L. Battles, 21, all of Flint, Michigan, were arrested by CPD and charged with financial transaction card fraud.

On Friday afternoon, a Calhoun officer responded to a report of three men possibly committing card fraud at the Kroger on Belmont Drive. The three had been using several different cards while checking out, buying a Powerade each time they paid.

When the officer arrived in the parking lot, Tabron and Battles were spotted walking from the store to a car where others were waiting, putting items in the trunk. Toins, who was driving, was looking at the officer’s patrol car when he pulled out of the parking spot.

The officer turned on the blue lights, pulled over the car and asked all four passengers to show their hands. After requesting backup, the officer asked Aubrey, who was riding in the back seat, to get out of the car because he was shaking uncontrollably.

The officer put all the passengers in handcuffs to discover what was going on. While searching the four men, officers located large amounts of cash on each of them and fraudulent cards.

All four men remained in Gordon County Jail on Monday afternoon with each of their bonds listed at $10,000.

Man fires gun to stop arguing outside his apartment complex

A Calhoun man was arrested after firing a gun outside his apartment complex, claiming he was tired of the constant fighting in the complex and aimed to stop the arguing, reports stated.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

Celvin Orozco, 38, of 112 Riverview Drive, Apt. 25, Calhoun, was arrested by CPD and charged with reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, cruelty to children (second degree), possession of firearm by illegal alien, terroristic threats and acts, public drunkenness, possession of firearm during commission of crime, discharge of firearm while intoxicated and discharge of firearm on property of another.

On Saturday night, officers responded to a reported shooting on Riverview Drive. Upon arrival, the officers noticed several people running from the apartment complex, a few witnesses saying Orozco was shooting a gun in the air.

Orozco was found standing in front of his apartment, where police took out their weapons and told Orozco to show his hands. Orozco was hesitant and at first stayed near a car in the complex parking lot, but when other officers arrived, he complied and was put in handcuffs.

Upon search of the scene, officers located the gun behind a set of stairs in front of Orozco’s apartment. When Orozco’s Guatemalan identification was given to the police, officers discovered he didn’t have a U.S. identification.

Witnesses explained to police how a few people were arguing outside the complex when Orozco came out of his apartment with a gun and started firing in the air. Children were playing football where Orozco came out of his apartment, but were quickly brought to safety by their parents.

When questioned, Orozco said there was always fighting in the complex and he just wanted everyone to stop arguing, so he tried to scare them off by firing his gun.

Officers smelled alcohol on his breath, and were told by Orozco that he obtained the gun “under the table on the black market.” Orozco admitted he fired his weapon in an attempt to scare everyone away but didn’t think he did any harm.

Orozco was taken to the Gordon County Jail and remained there on Monday afternoon without bond.

2 attempt to pass counterfeit bills in Adairsville

After a slew of using fake bills to buy food at Adairsville restaurants, two were arrested on Ga. 140 on June 9, for using counterfeit money, reports stated.

According to Adairsville Police Department reports:

Jerrod Paulin Turner, 28, of Buford, and Kia Simone Chin, 34, of Lawrenceville, were arrested and charged with possession of firearm during commission of a crime and forgery (first degree).

On June 9, after trying to pass counterfeit bills at an Adairsville McDonald’s, Turner and Chin were tracked by police and pulled over in a traffic stop on Ga. 140. Both said they turned in the false bills by mistake.

Officers noticed a manila envelope of counterfeit bills and a firearm in the vehicle, as well as receipts from many other businesses in the area including Zaxby’s and Burger King. Officers located a total of $1,560 in fake bills.

Both Turner and Chin were taken to the Bartow County Jail, but have since been bailed out.

Alexis Draut, staff writer


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