Rockmart football 2019

Christian Briscoe is the new kicker for the Rockmart Yellow Jackets.

Rockmart’s football team is getting a fresh look as a senior takes on the kicking role.

Christian Briscoe has been a part of the football team for several years, but stayed practicing at the skill until a spot opened and he was ready for the position.

Briscoe stated that playing soccer since he was six years old greatly prepared him for football.

“I grew up playing recreational soccer and instantly fell in love with the sport,” he said, “everything from the concept of the game to the family of the team.

“I feel football is very similar in atmosphere,” he added.

Briscoe started practicing kicking during his sophomore year, with the help of a recent Class of 2019 graduate and former varsity kicker, Noah Hughes.

After Hughes recently moved on to college, Briscoe was excited and ready to fill the spot.

“I never dreamed I’d be in the position I’m in now,” Briscoe said.

He added about the team’s past successes and how he hopes to build upon that for this season through hard work.

“I’ve learned that football doesn’t end on the field,” Briscoe said. “It’s a 24/7 job that leads up to game day.”

He added that the mentality of players and expectations for the program have positively changed within the past few years.

“More players have bought in to ‘The Standard,’ which is very important,” he said. “This year the team feels much more like a brotherhood and I’m excited to get on the field and play with them.”

“I think our team will do great this year if everyone gives their best effort,” Briscoe said.

Rockmart hasn’t relied too heavily on their kicking game over the past seasons, able to roll over opponents with touchdowns during the regular and postseason as the Jackets racked up points and in many cases complete shutouts in big first halves of the regular and postseason.

Though if Briscoe is put to the test this coming season, he’ll be ready with his boot on the sidelines to perform.


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