A team from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s Drinking Water program were back for a second tour of the soon-to-be operating Mulco-Ammons Springs Water Treatment facility, where its only a matter of fine tuning to get ready for future delivery to customers.

In a press release in recent days, Polk County Water Authority General Manager Jack Damron said the organization hosted Peter Nwogu and his team from the state’s Drinking Water program at EPD to inspect the facility after construction completed, and to look over areas like new holding ponds and to see the clear well area.

“Special attention was paid to the incoming water from Ammons and Mulco springs, the filtering process we will use, and the outgoing water after treatment and filtering has occurred,” the release stated.

The team was accompanied by Superintendent, Ryan Prince, as well as plant operators Heather Dalton and Mike Williams, and Ronnie Wood, Project Engineer for PCWA and several other local entities. Representatives from P.F. Moon Engineers and sub-contractors were also in attendance.

”The Authority was recognized for the progress and completeness of plant construction and we were approved to begin producing clean water for distribution,” the release stated. “Actual release of water into the system will occur after compiling thirty (30) days of recorded turbidity results for finished water.”

In the release, Damron said that the plant “itself needs some minor finishing touches which we will accomplish with our final ‘punch list’.”

He added that some minor changes and adjustments will be made over time once the plant is in full production.

”We are extremely pleased with this inspection and site tour with EPD. The results were expected, but it’s nice to get a hand shake and a ‘thumb’s up’ from EDP leadership. There is work left to do, but this was a major step in bringing the plant into production,” Damron said. “All the time and work put in by Ronnie Wood, the P.F. Moon construction team and W.T Construction is producing significant results.”


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