Joyce Mink is the sole qualifier for the Post 2 seat on the Cave Spring City Council.

It has been my privilege to serve the citizens of Cave Spring since I was appointed in 2017. In that short time, I have attended several training events and meetings which I believe have made me more effective as a council member. The mayor, council and staff have worked with me to teach me how the city operates. Many citizens have expressed opinions and raised issues to give me a broader perspective of the needs of our town.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful, peaceful community with abundant resources and many caring and involved people. Our wonderful elementary school and Georgia School for the Deaf provide a basis for our children’s education and jobs for many of our citizens. Our churches and service organizations also help our families grow and prosper. Our businesses attract tourists and support our interests.

I don’t want to change our town’s character. The things that make us the envy of many communities need our ongoing support and I pledge that to you.

There are several issues I want to raise. I want at least one more full-time police officer. I want to attract some industry or business to our town so that so many of our people don’t need to travel out of town to work. I want to attract a builder of some affordable single-family homes. I want to protect our water source and keep our community clean and healthy.

I have discovered these things are expensive. I am willing to work on grants to defray the cost, but we must also figure creative ways to budget for what we need. Please contact me with any ideas and help me work to make our wonderful town even better!


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