Charles Love qualified Wednesday to seek one of the three Ward 1 Rome City Commission seats in the Nov. 5 election.

I want to begin by stating that we have been a part of addressing the concerns of the community of north Rome that has resulted in some positive changes in the last few years.

This has happened as a result of engaging the community in solving problems such as improved relationships with city services, reducing crime by 50%, enforcing code violations, and cleaning up our neighborhood. However, we still have some challenges in our community.

I believe that there is more that can be done to improve the quality of life for all the citizens of Rome, Georgia. I believe in service to God, service to family and service to community.

We have some difficult decisions to make as a community, such as how we improve our economy so that this city is on the list of places to live for our young people. How do we make the difficult decision about developing a transportation system that is a part of the infrastructure of our economy? How do we build an atmosphere so that every citizen feels that their voice is being heard, and that they see results?

These concerns are difficult, but not impossible to solve. In the community in which I live, we have seen results through the involvement of citizens, but things can get better. As your city commissioner, I want to continue these kinds of discussions, with positive results in mind.

We have proven that participation in the functions of city government gets results such as the relocation of the recycling center in North Rome, the reduction of crime, improved code enforcement and a clean community. These are issues that seemed difficult, but not impossible. I am asking this community to give me the opportunity to address these kinds of issues as your city commissioner.


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