The Calhoun City and Gordon County school systems are seeking input into next year’s school calendar and have distributed an online survey in the effort.

Officials say the systems are partnering together to provide stakeholders, community members, teachers, students and staff an opportunity to share their thoughts ahead of the 2020-2021 school year.

The survey can be found at

“Both superintendents and school boards were open to the idea of a joint school calendar planning committee to discuss how we could better align the school calendars to meet the needs of students,” said Kim Fraker, superintendent of Gordon County Schools, who joined the system on June 1.

Calhoun Superintendent Michele Taylor concurred.

“It’s been great working with Dr. Fraker, who brings some new perspectives about calendar planning, having worked in a few neighboring districts. We both see the value of collaboration, and I’m looking forward to working with her on this initiative,” Taylor said.

Fraker received initial feedback about the district’s academic calendar from various stakeholder groups during her Superintendent’s Advisory Council meetings conducted earlier this fall, which included representation from each school’s Governance Team.

Calhoun City Schools recently conducted a similar System School Governance Team meeting to gather feedback about the school calendar, and the idea of stronger alignment of the two calendars was mentioned as a priority for the group.

“Our school board was there to hear the discussion and they are certainly open to working together to accomplish this goal,” Taylor said.

The superintendents met last week to discuss the planning initiative and a timeline for the calendar planning process. The survey, which has also been shared via email, social media and other parent communication tools, is intended to assist officials going forward.

“A joint school calendar planning committee, consisting of student, parent, teacher, administrator and community representatives, will review the survey feedback and offer insights for next steps. Both boards of education will be represented to hear the discussions as well,” Fraker shared.

The chairs for both boards approve of the process.

“Any time we can work toward a common goal for our students and community, we’re all in,” said Charlie Walraven, chair of the Gordon board.

“I certainly agree with that,” said Eddie Reeves, chair of the Calhoun board.

The calendar committee is scheduled to meet on Friday, Nov. 22, in the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce Conference Room.


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