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The following local residents are asked to appear for jury duty in criminal or civil court in the Tallapoosa Circuit Superior Court on Monday, August 26, 2019 at 9 a.m. at the Polk County Court Complex at 100 Prior St., Cedartown. Those who have questions can contact the Clerk of the Superior Court’s office at 770-749-2114.

Deborah T. Adams

Henry Danny Atkins

William Franklin Atkins

Paul T. Badon

Holly Elizabeth-Wood Barber

Fanny D Barrett

Heather Bauer

Michianti Belakenti Beavers

Michelle Johnson Beckman

Janet B. Benavidez

Cynthia Yates Bentley

Bernardo Williams

Jackson Chadwick Bishop

Theresa S. Boatner

Holly L. Brannan

Leah Danielle Brown

Judy Ann Burdette

Kay Lee Casey

Phillip Lamar Jr. Clark

Jacqueline P. Cleveland

Donna Hughes Cline

Annie Estella Conner

Jesse Wiley Cook

Candi Jean Costley

Claudia Elizabeth Cruz

Ceeair Elise Davis

Ieesha Rowland Davis

Dawson Sabrina Raven

Madelyn Ann Degennaro

Bradley A. Dempsey

Gwen P. Dubiski

Deborah H. Edge

Phillip A. Erwin

Priscilla Marie Flores

Joseph Chad Floyd

Phillip Anthony Forsyth

Joan K. Gilmore

Brenden Durell Gober

Veronica Sereno Gomez

Sergio Pineda Gonzalez

April Dawn Gorman

Michelle Ahrens Graves

Brandon Gerald Griffin

Karla Guzman

Joel Trevor Hammock

Alan Hardaway

Misty Marie Hawk

Sache Taleai Haynes

Hubert Lee Jr. Henderson

Aaron Chastity Henry

Terry L. Hicks

Linda Allen Highfield

John Wilson IV Hobbs

John Watson Jr. Holbrooks

Patricia Lutrice Holiday

Gwendolyn Denise Holmes

Angela Chanel Hood

Shelton G. Hopper

Raetosha Shentell Jackson

Nicholas James Jaworski

Cody Lowell Edward Jones

Joshua Wayne Jones

Rhonda Renee Jordan

Eddie Earl Kitchens

Eddie William Lackey

Michelle Leann Lackey

John Caleb Landrum

Robert Seth Little

Stephanie Noriega Losey

Erica Marie Ellison Love

Larah Elise Maloney

Virginia Ramirez Martin

Sandra L. Mayo

Alison Anne McCarthy

Mary Helen McMahan

Brooklyn Marie Meade

Israel Mendoza

Donald F. Mintz

Lindsay Williams Moates

Mary Jane Moore

Lydia A. Neuenschwander

Samuel Cleo Oxenreider

Jason Ardell Packer

Rachel D. Parker

Scotty Wayne Parsley

Jocelyn Alexa Philpot

Bobby Joe Pierce

Justin Terry Pike

Jordan Chase Pope

Edward Warner Jr. Prince

Carl D. Rice

Roberts Mandy Michelle

Michael Vaughn Robinson

Michael Dwayne Rogers

Stephanie Erin Rogers

Georgia Marie Salmon

Georgia Marie Salmon

Matthew Sterling Sandefur

Peggy Ann Saunders

Eduardo Segura

Coty Neil Short

Donald Lee Smith

Paul William Smith

Michael Wayne Soistman

Lettie B. Swafford

Hayley Denise Swindall

Angela Dee Taylor

Charles F. Thomsen

Chad Nelson Tucker

James Aaron Tucker

Jessica Michelle Tucker

Rhonda Deneen Turner

Rene Viera

Loraine Marie Waits

Kimberly Dawn Washington

Aubrey Lynn Whitfield

Amy Elizabeth Whitton

Avery Thomas Wilkes

Barney L. Wilkes

Joshua Tristen Williams

Eulalie P. Wilson

Brandon Steve Wingo

Joebob Winstead III

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough


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