Gordon County Extension/4-H had a big week at the Northwest Georgia Regional Fair, coordinating four livestock shows and the livestock judging contest.

On Saturday, Sept. 7, Gordon County Extension/4-H hosted the Northwest Georgia Regional Fair Market Goat Show. Participating in the show were 40 exhibitors from first through 12th grades showing a total of 57 goats. Winning their grade level showmanship class were:

♦ Grades 1-2: Kortland Long, Pickens County 4-H

♦ Grades 3-4: Case Cantrell, Pickens County 4-H

♦ Grades 5-6: Ally Jo Cook, Whitfield County 4-H

♦ Grades 7-8: Ally Jo Cook, Whitfield County 4-H

♦ Grades 9-10: Katie White, Walton County 4-H

♦ Grades 11-12: Jazmine Ralston, Gordon County 4-H

The Champion Overall Showman was chosen from Grades 1-12 and was Jazmine Ralston of Gordon County 4-H.

In addition, each of the goats were shown in one of eleven market classes based on the goat’s weight. Katie White from Walton County 4-H was name Champion Market Goat and Jazmine Ralston received Reserve Champion Market Goat.

On Monday, Sept. 9, Gordon County Extension/4-H hosted the Northwest Georgia Regional Fair Market Lamb Show. Participating were 26 exhibitors from first through twelfth grades showing 53 lambs. Winning their grade levels in showmanship were:

♦ Grade 1: Brooklyn Stamey, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grade 2: Taylor Grace Amonett, Whitfield County 4-H

♦ Grade 3: Case Cantrell, Pickens County 4-H

♦ Grade 4: Jacob Brown, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grade 5: Bailey Williams, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grade 6: Cash Adams, Liberty Middle FFA

♦ Grade 7: Caroline Jenkins, Floyd County 4-H

♦ Grade 9: Hunter Petty, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grade 10: Kaylee Adams, Denmark FFA

♦ Grade 11: Emma Long, Pickens County FFA

♦ Grade 12: Brayden Adams, Forsyth 4-H

The Champion Overall Showman was chosen from above grades and was Emma Long of Pickens County FFA.

In addition, each lamb was exhibited in one of ten market classes based on the lamb’s weight. Brooke Williams of Gordon County 4-H was selected as Champion Market Goat and Reserve Champion Market Goat was Emma Long.

The Beef Cattle Heifer and Steer Shows took place on Tuesday, September 10. Participating in these shows were 47 exhibitors in grades 4-12 showing a total of 52 head of steers and heifers. Winning their respective showmanship classes were:

♦ Grades 4-6: Ava Grace Crump, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grades 7-8: Kylie Hurd, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grades 9-10: Rebekah McElrath, Gordon County 4-H

♦ Grades 11-12: Olivia Tierce, Gordon County 4-H

Kylie Hurd received Champion Overall Showman.

The heifer show was split into three divisions, Registered British, Registered European, and Commercial. In this year’s steer show, Thaed Gunn of LOF FFA exhibited the Grand Champion Steer and Hannah McElrath exhibited the Reserve Champion Steer. Winning Grand Champion Registered British was Brent McDaniel of Gordon County 4-H and Reserve Champion Registered British was Olivia Tierce of Gordon County 4-H. Olivia Tierce also won Grand Champion European Breeds while Jazmine Ralston of Gordon County 4-H won Reserve European Breeds. Grand Champion Commercial Heifer was awarded to Kylie Hurd of Gordon County 4-H and Reserve Grand Champion Commercial wwent to Gabrielle Ralston of Gordon County 4-H. Ending the show was the selection of the Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Grand Champion; those honors went to Kylie Hurd and Olivia Tierce, respectively.

The final show of the fair was the swine show, held on Saturday, Sept. 14. There were 28 youth who exhibited 42 pigs in the show. Winning their grade level showmanship class were:

♦ Grades 4-6: Bryson Allen, Pickens FFA

♦ Grades 7-8: Abbi Allen, Pickens FFA

♦ Grades 9-10: Matthew Chastain, Pickens FFA

♦ Grades 11-12: Mackenzie Hancock, Pickens FFA

Champion Overall Showman was awarded to Matthew Chastain.

The hog show was split into two divisions: market hog and breeding gilt. The market hog show consisted of 31 hogs, while 11 hogs were shown in the breeding gilt show. Grand Champion Market Hog honors went to Matthew Chastain and Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog was shown by Roberto Romero of Gordon County 4-H. The Grand Champion Breeding Gilt was exhibited by Taylor Dobson of Pickens FFA and Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Gilt was shown by parker Fleming, Pickens FFA.

The livestock judging contest was held on Thursday, Sept. 12, and recognized the top ten individuals in high school and elementary/middle school for their livestock evaluation skills. In order to be recognized with top honors in the livestock judging contest, the student must evaluate four species from which the contest could compose classes: cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. At the contest, youth from 4th- 12th grades competed in two divisions Jr. (grade 4-8) and Sr. (grades 9-12).

Six classes of livestock, consisting of three cattle, two goat, and one lamb were evaluated. In addition to these classes, youth were required to answer questions on one particular class. The top ten individuals in the Junior Division were Lowry Duggin, Hannah Newton, Angelina Grizzle, Jacob Beddington, Addison Waters, Carley Ware, Bryson Allen, Mackenna Jarrett, Kensley Poole and Seth Carr. Senior individuals in the top ten were Rebekah McElrath, Colton Williams, Jazmine Ralston, Hunter Petty, Cash Goble, Sheyenne Tritt, Chloe Mays, Zachary Gentry, Breana Manning, and Emma Long. Overall Individual in Questions was Jazmine Ralston.


♦ Sept. 19-22 – Southern Regional Teen Leader Conference

♦ Sept. 21 – Rivers Alive

♦ Sept. 27-Oct. 2 – National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest

School Club Meetings:

♦ Thursday, Sept. 19: Red Bud Elementary – 5th grade

♦ Friday, Sept. 20: W.L. Swain Elementary – 4th grade

♦ Friday, Sept. 20 – Thursday, Sept. 26: Calhoun Elementary – 4th and 5th grade

♦ Wednesday, Sept. 25: Belwood Elementary — 5th grade: Tolbert Elementary — 5th grade; Thursday, Sept. 26; Red Bud Elementary – 4th grade


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