The cafeteria at Belwood Elementary School was filled with visitors on Tuesday that were a little older than the typical elementary school lunch crowd.

The school celebrated Grandparents’ Week this week in honor of National Grandparents Day, which takes place every year the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. Belwood was decked out in posters listing all the things students loved about their grandparents, handmade banners welcoming grandparents, and dangling photo props shaped like photo frames saying “Grandparent’s Week 2019.”

Included in the words of kindness directed at grandparents from student posters were sentiments like: “We love grandparents because ... they are helpful, they take care of us, they are loving.”

Perhaps the most special element of the week, however, is lunch.

“Parents and family members are always welcome to join us for lunch,” Principal Justin Timms said. “But this week we invite grandparents especially to come out and be part of the school community. We recognize that they are an important part of these kids’ lives, and we want them to know we as a school value them.”

Every day during Grandparents’ Week children in different grade levels are invited to attend lunch with their students. Tuesday was pre-kindergarten day, and so many grandparents came out to visit their grandchildren that lunch spilled over from the cafeteria into another room at the school.

“I looked forward to this all week,” Jerry Higgin said about visiting his granddaughter, Chloe Roach, at school. “She’s been so excited and so have I. I love coming to do this.”


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