In the wake of Saturday’s high winds and thunderstorms, Georgia Power reports that while they have restored power to the majority of customers, there are still some homes that are without power. Georgia’s insurance chief has also said he will be ordering insurance companies to respond to all storm-related claims quickly.

Electric service to over 112,000 Georgia Power customers has been restored following the storm that brought heavy wind and rain through Georgia Saturday night. As of 11:30 a.m. Sunday, about 11,000 customers are still without power with a majority of the outages concentrated to the Rome, Cartersville, and Carrollton areas.

While the company continues to work as quickly and safely as possible, customers in the hardest hit areas should plan ahead for outages that last into Sunday evening, due to the accessibility to damage from the storm and difficult terrain. Crews are continuing to clear pathways that will enable restoration efforts to continue throughout the day.

While repair work continues, damage assessment following widespread impacts from this storm is still in progress throughout Georgia and must be completed as an essential step to efficiently and effectively allocate resources. Additional challenges faced following the storm include downed trees and blocked roads that must be cleared.

Georgia’s Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner John F. King is mandating that insurance companies move fast in responding to claims for those with storm damage.

“We are continuing to closely monitor the fallout from last night’s storms. I will be issuing a Directive first thing tomorrow to all insurance companies doing business in Georgia to promptly respond to and resolve any claims related to damage caused by these storms,” King said.


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