Jon Stewart’s “Irresistible” is set to begin filming in downtown Rockmart through May 31 excluding weekends. While the filming means lots of extra attention for businesses, commuters may be worried about when and where they can travel to make it to work on time.

Some filming already began in between Cedartown and Rockmart on a local farm, with Camp Antioch acting as a host for production crews for a time ahead of the move downtown.

“Irresistible” is the creation of the former “Daily Show” host, and Stewart’s second stint as a writer and director of a feature film. Joining him on set in Rockmart in lead roles are big names already spotted in the area including Steve Carell, Rose Byrne and Chris Cooper, among others.

The forthcoming filming marks the latest feature to choose Polk County as a location after HBO brought a portion of their “Watchmen” series to downtown Cedartown, along with Season 3 of “Hap and Leonard” and “Jayne Mansfield’s Car.”

The new film is being produced by Stewart along with Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Focus Features.

Details are now available officially on which streets will receive full closure, partial closure, and intermittent traffic control on each day of filming.

The downtown portions of Church Street, South Marble Street, and Maple Street are the primarily affected areas, but locals can rest easy knowing they won’t be fully closed throughout the month.

There will be no permitted traffic exclusively on May 8 — 11 and then May 14 16, as well as May 18, 20 and 31.

Intermittent traffic control, meaning traffic will be allowed under controlled circumstances and may be down to one lane, will occur on May 13, 15, 21- 24 and May 28 — 30.

The streets will be partially closed, meaning a portion of the street will be closed during filming but will potentially reopen at certain times, on May 7.

Locals are asked to avoid the downtown areas whenever possible, but those seeking business from local businesses affected by traffic closures during filming can try their back entrances first, or call ahead to make accommodations.


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