The Sixes Community Garden Club is looking for help finding the person who stole the “Tiny Garden Door” installed in Lewis Park as a collaboration with Girl Scout Analise Black and her “Natural Fairy Trail” project.

Black created the “Natural Fairy Trail” in Lewis Park to earn her Gold Award and this fairy door was just one of the many creative additions to her project. The door was the Sixes Community Garden Club’s second installation of a fairy door and according to president Deborah Bailey, they were extremely excited to help Black and “promote Cherokee County’s historical landmarks, parks and other key areas around our county.” Along with the fairy door they also planted three Georgia ferns and five native woodland plants in the area.

The door was constructed out of 100-year-old re-claimed wood and has the Georgia State flower — the Cherokee rose — hand carved on the front. There was a small bench placed next to the door that was also stolen. The garden club was hoping to hold a ribbon cutting during Black’s demonstration day for the trail but the ribbon cutting was canceled.

“We are asking that whoever took the door to realize it was not just another ‘Fairy Door’ to add to their collection,” Bailey said in a statement. “It was something that was meant to educate our children about our native plants and to be enjoyed by the community for years to come. If they realize this, then maybe they will return it to the park.”

The garden club is working with Cherokee Parks and Recreation to hopefully recover the door and return it to it’s rightful place on the fairy trail.

If you have any information on the missing door, please email


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