Polk County locals have one more chance to visit the Polk County fair until next year, so those interested in exciting rides, live entertainment, and plenty of food are urged to visit the Polk County Fairgrounds – off Highway 278 next to Cedartown Bypass from anytime from 5 through 11 p.m.

It may be the last day, but there are plenty of events left to enjoy. Saturday is sponsored by Smith and Miller Funeral Home in Cedartown and features stage shows that include appearances from the XC Idol finalists at 6 p.m. and TJ Cochran at 8 p.m.

Locals will get to vote for their favorite singer, and the participant with the majority will be officially selected as the 2019 Polk County XC Idol. Last year, participant Aspen Ruff took home first place with a performance of 'Red High Heels.'

Those not interested in the competition can still look forward to plenty of other events. Classic rides such as the Ferris wheel are back, and carnival games offer those both young and old a chance to win prizes such as massive stuffed animals and goldfish. Children's rides offer a more relaxing experience for those not quite ready to take on the bigger attractions.

The fair also provides an opportunity to look at award-winning art, view competitive horticulture, and stock up on some locally produced merch. Regardless of how locals spend their time, there's plenty of funnel cakes, fries, sodas, and deep fried treats to keep them well-fed.

There's also a chance to view animals and livestock, and the Thursday, September 12 fair saw a cattle show where youth were judged both on their showmanship and their ability to work with their animal.

First, second, and third place ribbons were given to participants in each of the various classes, and those who placed well were the ones who had clearly spent a lot of time with their cow, were quick to set up, and knew how to position the animal.

For these events and more, considering visiting the fair and supporting the Cedartown Exchange Club and their efforts to return money into the Polk County community year after year. The Exchange Club has four main goals in the forms of preventing child abuse, youth programs, community service, and Americanism.

Money earned from fundraisers goes to local high school seniors as scholarships, and sponsorships are for organizations such as Our House Battered Women Shelter, Boy Scouts, Parkinson's Walk, Cedartown Performing Arts Commission children's program, Law Officer of the Year, and many more. More information about the fair and the club can be found at Security Check Required or Cedartown Exchange Club & Polk County Fair.


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