In an effort to improve service to Calhoun and Gordon County residences that have family members with mental or physical impairments such as Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Down Syndrome and other special conditions, the Calhoun Police Department has initiated the Special Needs 911 Registry Program.

The voluntary program will allow citizens or their family members to register their residence, and the information will be used by 911 operators to alert responding police, fire or medical personnel of special needs individuals residing in the home.

“In one of the department’s most important initiatives, Crisis Intervention Training is now being provided to all police department personnel.

“We believe the special needs registry will coordinate well with this training and help ensure a positive outcome when emergency services are need,” said Chief Tony Pyle.

Residents are encouraged to register their information and their special needs family member through the online form on the City of Calhoun website.

The form will soon be available on the City of Calhoun Police Department Facebook page as well, said Pyle.

There are no limits regarding what sort of issue can be registered, be they mental or physical, and the program is open to all residents of Gordon County, Pyle said.

The form, available in English and Spanish, can also be printed or obtained at the police department front desk.

Completed forms can be turned into the police department or mailed to:

Calhoun Police Department

200 N. Wall St.

Calhoun, GA 30701

The information provided to the Calhoun Police Department will be kept confidential and only be used to notify first responders of any special conditions during emergency calls to the residence.

Pyle noted that several other counties, including Floyd, are beginning similar programs as part of a nationwide trend to help protect the most vulnerable among us, and he hopes to one day see the practice become standard everywhere.


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