The Polk County Commission once again made time to honor some of their hardest-working and longest-serving employee, but also citizens as the county recognized several people who receives plaques and applause from friends, family, and co-workers alike.

This time, Andy Anderson was selected as the Polk County Employee of the Month. When not fulfilling his duties as a police officer, Anderson is known to involve himself in community service activities such as organizing blood drives and fund raisers.

He also leads the police department in self-initiated field activities, and he’s the point man for federal and state grants for the department to help improve services to Polk citizens.

His award was given out alongside the years of service awards, and during the September 9 meeting, two different employees were present to take home plaques. Both Jeff Brewer and Charles Pilcher were recognized for serving 5 years.

This time, the board included numerous other awards for citizens and other officials. Officer Nick Smith and K-9 officer Joep were recognized for their seizure of 2.4 pounds of methamphetamine recently.

Various animal control workers and volunteers were also given recognition for their hard work in taking care of animals and the public.

So far this year, local volunteer rescue groups have assisted in the adoption of 119 dogs and cats, the rescue of 442 dogs and 187 cats, and have provided animal transportation throughout the state.

Also, Eddie Benefield along with Tammy and Chris Nichols were recognized for placing second on the ABC television show “Family Food Night.”

Various other awards were given out during the county’s September work session.


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