Following action taken at the most recent board of commissioners meeting, Cherokee County is working to improve the intersection of Georgia Highway 140 and Sugar Pike Road, currently served solely by a stop sign for traffic turning on to 140 from Sugar Pike Road.

Following recent discussion on how to improve the flow of traffic in the Ga. Highway 140 corridor between Interstate 575 and the Fulton County line, Cherokee County is moving forward with a project that could have a significant impact.

At last week’s meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, the board approved an amendment to an agreement with the engineering firm Pond to complete a traffic signal design project at the intersection of Highway 140 and Sugar Pike Road in the amount of $22,800. With the amendment in place, plans can continue to move forward toward putting a signal at that location and reducing the delay of vehicles turning onto Highway 140 from Sugar Pike Road as a result.

“This is to complete the engineering design plans for the intersection, and to submit a formal traffic signal warrant study for this location to GDOT for their review and approval and issue of a traffic signal permit,” Community Development Agency Director Geoffrey Morton said.

Now that this amendment to the agreement has been approved, Morton said the county estimates the design and permitting portion of the traffic signal project will take approximately six months to complete. Once this has been accomplished, he said the signal could be installed quickly.

“We hope to have the traffic signal bid in the spring of 2020,” Morton said. “The signal poles and equipment will take several months to deliver once the construction contract is awarded. We hope to have the signal in operation by the summer/fall of 2020.”


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