Floyd County

Floyd County commissioners signed off this week on a water system extension that will directly benefit the Ball Corp. project.

The expansion of the Ball Container plant off of Ga. 53 and East Hermitage Road was announced in October. Ball has plans to invest $217 million into the project and add 140 positions to their workforce.

At their bi-monthly meeting Tuesday, the County Commission approved a $134,440 extension and upgrade of the water system to serve the new facility. The upgrade will include 500 feet of new ductile iron water lines, large meters and fire hydrants.

The commission also signed off on the purchase of 3,000 feet of 8-inch ductile iron pipe and 40 locking gaskets from Core and Main Inc. for the project, at a cost of $48,075.

The water system extension project will begin within the next two weeks.

The County Commission also approved the purchase of two new police pursuit vehicles: one for the police department and one for the sheriff’s office. The vehicles will be funded by 2017 SPLOST money.

Commission Chair Scotty Hancock also signed off on the cancellation of the Dec. 24 county commission meeting. This means that the commission will meet only on Dec. 10 next month.

Two rezoning requests had their first readings at the Tuesday meeting and the public hearing and votes will take place at the Nov. 26 meeting.

The first request is the rezoning of a lot from community commercial to heavy commercial at 4756 Calhoun Road. The second request is the rezoning of a lot from office institutional to suburban residential located at 1606 Kingston Highway.

During the pre-meeting caucus, the commission looked over the first draft of the fiscal year 2020 budget. The possibility of creating a new website for the Floyd County government also was discussed among commission members as well as the purchase of a new case management software for the courts.

A revised draft budget will be looked over at the next caucus on Nov. 26 at 3:30 p.m. in the County Administration Building, 12. E Fourth Ave. The regular commission meeting will follow at 6 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.


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