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Postgame analysis of Auburn's 51-10 win over Arkansas.


Heavyweight awaits

Any warm feelings Auburn has over Saturday’s easy 51-10 win at Arkansas should be assuaged by who the Tigers were playing and who the Tigers will play.

Auburn bashed one of the SEC’s worst teams this week and travels to one of the nation’s best next week.

The Tigers are headed to Red Stick, aka Baton Rouge, and will face No. 3 LSU in a week’s time.

May the Schwartz be with you

Auburn receiver Anthony Schwartz showed his potential in Saturday’s blowout victory at Arkansas.

Seth Williams continues to shine, but Schwartz more than doubled his catches from Auburn’s first six games.

Schwartz began Saturday with five catches for 110 yards and no touchdowns. On Saturday, he caught six balls for 73 yards, including a 28-yard touchdown.

Bad Hogs

Wasn’t there a time, not that long ago, that Arkansas was, well, actually decent? Has Arkansas been relevant since Bobby Petrino’s infamous motorcycle ride?

The Razorbacks have turned into an SEC West doormat, dueling with Ole Miss to decide the worst of the bunch. But Ole Miss began Saturday with two league wins this year, two more than Arkansas.

The Razorbacks are the proud owners of a 15-game SEC losing streak — numbers you'd associate with Vanderbilt. Arkansas is headed toward a third straight losing season. The last time the Hogs did that? They had a six-year streak from 1938-43.


Rushing offense — A: Without JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow, a dropoff was expected. Still the Tigers ran for almost 300 yards and averaged 5.8 yards per carry. Kam Martin had 84 yards on 10 carries, one of two Tigers with more rushing yards than all the Razorbacks.

Rushing defense — A-: Arkansas was so bad, so very, very bad, but holding an SEC team to 1.9 yards a carry is a heady feat.

Passing offense — B: Bo Nix started out just blah, but he turned into wow in the second half. He finally connected on some deep balls, and hello touchdowns. Seth Williams grabbed a 48-yarder and Anthony Schwartz a 28-yarder to make it a laugher. Nix was 8-for-8 for three touchdowns in the second half.

Passing defense — A-: Arkansas quarterback Ben Hicks should have known it would be a long day, particularly after the third-play fumble. Marlon Davidson set a bad tone for the Hogs. At least, maybe, Auburn figured out this interception thing. The Tigers entered with one all season and added two to their tally (though one was on special teams).

Special teams — D: Missing an extra point is inexcusable. Setting an NCAA record, like Auburn did Saturday with a 303rd straight make, is great. Following with a miss on No. 305 is flat ugly. Punter Arryn Siposs wasn’t needed much, but he performed when called upon. And the Arkansas fake punt, well, was so bad, so very, very bad.

Coaching — B-: The Tigers didn’t need to show too much against such a woeful foe, particularly with a trip to No. 3 LSU on next week’s slate.

Overall — B: Maybe the early start left Auburn in an early funk, but the Tigers shook it off to blister the wretched Razorbacks.

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