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Postgame analysis of Alabama's win over Arkansas:


Next up: LSU

With the undercard out of the way, we can now all savor two weeks over overdramatic hype for the Alabama-LSU game.

No. 1 vs. No. 2. SEC West championship basically on the line, though not assured, and a major hurdle cleared toward a playoff berth.

Alabama’s 48-7 win over Arkansas on Saturday, a laugher from almost the time the Crimson Tide hit the field, was the last “hurdle” to clear.

Both the Tide and Tigers have next week off before their showdown in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 9.

Jones gets it done

Tua Tagovailoa missed Saturday’s game with an injury, which allowed sophomore Mac Jones to make his first career start.

Jones was 18-of-22 passing for 235 yards and three touchdowns, so maybe Tagovailoa should heed the tale of Wally Pipp.

Pipp was a starting player with the New York Yankees when he decided to sit out one game. A gentleman by the name of Lou Gehrig took his place — and played 2,130 consecutive games.

For those who take things too seriously, a note: Of course, that’s not the case here.

Comparing scores

For those foolish enough to compare scores, who gets the advantage well down the road?

Auburn beat Arkansas 51-10 and Alabama beat Arkansas 48-7 on consecutive weeks. Both were 41-point massacres. One was in Arkansas and one wasn’t.

Feel free to debate calmly and rationally and in a friendly manner, just like all such conversations these days.


Ho, hum, it was against the Hogs. Alabama’s win Saturday, due to the utter lack of difficulty provided by Arkansas, gets graded on a pass-fail basis.

Rushing offense — P: Najee Harris mustered a measly 6.6 yards per carry, which counts as a disappointment in the Crimson Tide’s lopsided victory.

Rushing defense — F: Arkansas’ 85-yard scoring drive early in the fourth quarter included 59 yards rushing. Against Alabama’s starting defense.

Passing offense — P: With Tua Tagovailoa out, Mac Jones shined in his first career start, as much as you can shine against the wretched Razorbacks.

Passing defense — P: Trevon Diggs’ 84-yard interception return gave Alabama a 41-0 halftime lead and helped alleviate any postgame traffic jam.

Special teams — P: Prattville outperformed Robert E. Lee here. Prattville’s Ty Perine punted well. and Lee’s Henry Ruggs did not return well, earning a bit of a tail-chewing from Nick Saban for his fourth-quarter kickoff catch.

Coaching — F: J.B. “Ears” Whitworth could have coached Alabama past Arkansas. Lose the shutout, lose your passing grade.

Overall — P: Too bad the SEC limits a team’s roster size for league games. This one was a prime opportunity for some unknown to have his 15 minutes of fame. Or even 30 minutes.

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