The Cedartown Middle School football team opened their season with a 52-0 shellacking of the Coosa Eagles.

This score shouldn’t come as a big shock. It has simply been the norm for the Middle School Bulldogs football program for some time now.

“I believe this is our 38th consecutive win,” said Assistant Coach James Diamond. “We have had a great amount of success over the past few seasons and want to keep it up this year.”

The Bulldogs have enjoyed more success than any other team in the area recently. The four-time Floyd County Athletic Association Champions are aiming for a five-peat in 2019.

That is not to say there are no obstacles in their way. There are plenty of talented middle school squads, including cross-county rival Rockmart and their next opponent, the Pepperell Dragons.

There are also coaching changes for the young team this season.

Previous Head Coach Lee Bohannon stepped down from his position to spend time with his family. Per Diamond, Bohannon’s daughter recently gave birth, explaining his departure.

The new Head Coach for the Bulldogs is Chris Wigley. He will control have both Offensive Coordinator and Head Coaching duties. Jarvis Frazier returns as Defensive Coordinator with Diamond leading the Defensive and Offensive Lines. Stewart Mourse and Joe Colquitt will share responsibilities as Wide Reciever and Defensive Back coaches.

Despite the changes, one thing stayed the same at Doc Ayers Field- Cedartown’s dominance.

Dontavious Harris garnered over 150 total yards in the win. He tallied one kick return touchdown and two rushing scores.

Taiji Neal, younger brother of former Cedartown athletes Quan and Kenzavia Neal, rushed for two touchdowns against Coosa.

The Bulldog defense was stingy as well, recording two safeties and one touchdown on the day. Defensive standout Mikey Esqavail finished with 8 tackles for loss and 3 forced fumbles.

Though CMS kicked off their season with a huge win, they will have to sustain this success to win their fifth straight league title. Their quest for No. 5 will continue on August 27, as they will take on Pepperell in Lindale.


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