Cedartown High’s graduating class spent one of their last few days on campus participating in honors night, where their various achievements over the past four years were rewarded with scholarships and other useful awards.

The recognized categories were far and wide, but as always, the academic awards were some of the more prestigious offered. This year, Benny Rangel earned the Honors English award, Ethan Runyon earned the Honors Math award, Harmony Shaw earned the science award, Cayden Frye earned the Honors Social Studies award, and Hannah Summerour earned the Spanish award.

The school also had four students receive Associate’s Degrees before graduating from high school. This means, on top of earning all necessary high school credits, Brahem Abdul-Rahman, Ellye Puckett, Cam Lorys, and Grace Prince all earned 60 college credit hours and will get to walk the field twice in one year.

The arts saw a spotlight during the May 21 event, and participants of both band and theatre were offered excellence awards. Brisa Guzman took home the musical theatre award, Gabrielle Woodward took home the acting award, Cody Fincher earned the art award, and Erin McCrickard earned the music award.

Various other technical and career oriented awards were given out, but there were just as many scholarships to match. These came from individuals, businesses, and other local entities that award students college money based on the content of their character and the impact they make during their school career.

The Cedartown Exchange Club offered scholarships to Ariana Escutia-Cruz, Megan Coalson, Tucker Mobbs, and Cam Lorys, the Cedartown High Thespians awarded Caroline Gammage and Gabrielle Woodward. The LEAD Polk Class of 2018 scholarship was awarded Kendall Lee and Ellye Puckett, Family Savings Credit Union awarded Hayden Zebeau, and Keep Polk Beautiful offered a scholarship to Ethan Runyon.

Other donars included the Cedartown High Student Council, For Polk, the Future Leaders of Polk County, the Cedartown Kiwanis Club, the Cedar Hill Alumni, and the Kristin Hearne family- among others.

With all said and done, countless students left the Cedartown Auditorium with awards and accolades sure to help them progress in the next stage of their life.


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