The pre-season is now ended, and the Cedartown Bulldogs have shown that their path ahead is one based on a two-fold strategy: dominate on defense to excel on offense.

In a big scrimmage win, Cedartown piled on eight touchdowns on the Chattooga Indians to cap off early August play heading into a big showdown with Rockmart at home this coming week.

The Bulldogs gave up only 119 yards on defense the entire night in the shutout win over the Indians, allowing only nine first downs in a game that saw Chattooga not once get an opportunity to make it into the red zone and toward the goal line.

Defensive efforts from Corben Cuzzort, Chadriq Neal, brothers Jayden and Jeremiah Johnson, Rashad Walker held the Indians rushing attack at bay through three quarters, and the opportunity for freshmen players to get some time in and hold younger Chattooga players at bay as well.

On the offensive side of the ball during last Friday’s final scrimmage game, the reins were taken off some on senior running back Kobe Pryor, who didn’t get long yardage on touchdown plays like he did in a fumble recovery against Morrow, but did put in a pair of touchdowns in the first half in a six and two yard run into the end zone.

However younger talent like CJ Washington got to charge down the field in an eight score game. He put up a 50-yard run back that came off the heels of a 65-yard punt return put up by Neal on special teams in the first quarter.

Taji Hudson also got a chance to show off his arm again in a pass to Jeremiah Johnson in the second quarter to put the team up 35-0 before half. Brother Jayden Johnson not long after intercepted the ball and ran a 45-yard touchdown back on defense.

In the third quarter, freshman Harlem Diamond added a 23-yard touchdown run to his resume in pre-season play. Freshman quarterback Reece Tanner also got a chance to get some playing time under his belt for the season.

Combined in the two scrimmage games, Cedartown is up 76-0 against their opponents as they head into the regular season’s start this week.


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