Jordan Hubbard

Cedartown Commissioner Jordan Hubbard (far right) was part of a recent forum at the University of West Georgia. Hubbard announced his intention to step down at the end of August in a resignation letter to the city late last week.

Cedartown Commissioner Jordan Hubbard announced in a letter of resignation late last week that he’ll be stepping down from his seat at month’s end.

Hubbard, in the second year of his second term as a commissioner, cited a transition to a new home outside of the city limits as the reason he’s giving up his seat. He’ll continue to serve through the end of the week as the final touches are put on his new home.

“It truly saddens me to have to give up serving the people of my hometown in a way that over the years I believe has provided our city prosperity and growth,” Hubbard said. “I hope as Jessica and I settle into our new home, I’ll find opportunities to serve Cedartown in different ways and continue to make an impact.”

Hubbard, who also serves as an adjunct professor with Georgia Northwestern Technical College for dual enrollment classes at Cedartown and Rockmart High School as well as with Georgia Highlands College, will still get that opportunity working with local youth in the classroom.

He’s also the owner of Ideal Bakery and Studio Fit in downtown Cedartown, along with several pieces of real estate in the community. He said that he is committed to remaining one of the “biggest cheerleaders for Polk County.”

“I love my hometown — not just because I serve it, but more importantly because it helped raise me,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said in way of a parting message that one of his great hopes is that those who he served in the community will remember that the work he’s put into the City of Cedartown has not been about the commission itself, but about the people who live and work within the city.

“The city is about the employees that make us great,” he said. “They work day in and out to make this town a better place. As long as the commission has the backs of the employees, we will continue to grow. Not only that, but we have an administration team who is looking constantly on how we can adapt in an ever-changing world.”

The outgoing Commissioner was first voted into office in 2013 in off-year municipal elections, and was re-elected to a second term in 2017. Along with his service to the Commission, Hubbard previously served in the Georgia Municipal Association’s District 1 as a vice president and president of the region. He also served on the city’s Georgia Initiative for Community Housing team, which has taken up a program tackling blighted properties within Cedartown.

Hubbard served as the Commission’s chair for two years, from 2017 through the end of 2018.

He said “it was the honor of a lifetime” to be able to serve on the commission.


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