Software purchase

Catoosa County’s Board of Commissioners has approved the purchase of new software for the county’s EMA and 911.

Catoosa County officials have approved a contract to overhaul the software being used by the county’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and 911.

During the Nov. 5 Board of Commissioner’s meeting, EMA Deputy Director Jason Gunter presented the proposal to commissioners and gave a briefing of the software currently in place compared to the upgrades the agreement would render.

“I have a proposal for approval for Carousel Industries. Carousel Industries is a collaboration of the Motorola Solutions. This will provide 911 with server work station refreshment to the existing solutions,” Gunter said.

Gunter explained that the current software being used is outdated and that Carousel would offer upgrades across the board.

“The cost of this project is $136,061.75, which includes one year of software and managed service support,” Gunter said. “This project is included in the E-911 budget for 2020.”

Before a vote was called for on the matter, Commissioner Charlie Stephens asked about a potential timetable for when the software and upgrades would be implemented.

“Did you say earlier an estimated time to get this up and running,” Stephens asked.

“I’m hoping within the year,” Gunter replied.

Gunter added that the upgrades will improve the quality and efficiency of 911.

“It’s overdue,” Gunter said. “It’s for an upgrade in our Window systems to OS — a new server — so it’s stuff that we need before the system locks up on us.”

The board approved the contract unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009.


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