CMC  executive touts new urgent care facility

Cartersville Medical Center CEO Chris Mosley tells Adairsville business leaders Thursday that a new urgent care center in Cartersville was constructed to help meet the needs of people who need to get in and out of a doctor’s office in a more timely manner. / Doug Walker

Cartersville Medical Center CEO Chris Mosley believes that a recent trend toward expansion of urgent care health care offices reflects a cultural shift toward faster, more convenient service delivery methods. Mosley spoke to Bartow County business leaders Friday at the Adairsville Council of the Cartersville — Bartow County Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast meeting.

CMC just opened a new urgent care facility on Main Street near the Starbucks in Cartersville. Its Rome sibling under the HCA umbrella, Redmond Regional Medical Center, opened its first urgent care on Shorter Avenue in December and will be opening a second location on Turner McCall Boulevard later this spring.

Floyd Medical Center also just opened a new urgent care location in Armuchee.

Mosley told business executives, “We are seeing things shift toward convenience, and that’s one of the key drivers now that we’re taking into account. People are saying ‘I want health care on my time and my terms,’” Mosley said “I think the response to that has been the proliferation of urgent cares.”

Mosley explained that the new urgent care model is more customer/patient focused and dialed in to convenience.

Mosley also said that a couple of major projects at the main hospital in Cartersville, an expansion of the emergency rooms and expansion of the operating rooms, are both expected to come online by the end of July to help the facility serve the growing needs of Bartow County.

The emergency room expansion will expand capacity from 30 beds to 43 beds. Mosley said emergency room visits at CMC was just shy of 60,000 in 2018.

“We do exceptionally well as it relates to our through-put, how quickly we’re able to get you in, you and your family members seen and then taken care of,” Mosley said. “It’s not unheard of for us to serve 175 to 200 patients in our ER in any given day, so we think this expansion sets us up for the future.”

The Operating Room expansion involves a significant expansion of two of the smaller operating rooms into much large facilities to give the hospital more flexibility to do more types of cases.

The hospital is also in the midst of adding a second cardiac catheterization lab to serve people with blockages that have, or could, result in a heart attack.

“Again, this sets us up for the growth that we are already experiencing,” Mosley said.

Mosley also expressed support for the Harbin Clinic which is opening a new clinic facility in Cartersville. Ground was broken for the 34,000 square-foot structure last fall and it is expected to be complete later this summer. Harbin also opened a new physicians office building in Adairsville last summer.


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