During the month of November, one student from each homeroom at Calhoun Primary and Calhoun Elementary schools was selected by their teacher for demonstrating the character trait “honor.”

Those students were honored at a Character Club breakfast. Parents were also invited to come and celebrate with their child. Each student received breakfast, a Chick-Fil-A gift card and a certificate of appreciation.

School officials offered thanks to Chick-fil-A of Calhoun for providing the Core Essentials curriculum and the delicious breakfast, as well as their continuous support to promote, develop and grow character in our students, one child at a time.

The following students were honored at the Character Breakfast:


Isaiah Hemphill (Adair)

Blair Brindle (Bagwell)

Kaitlyn Aplicano (Baker)

Jazlyn Holland (Boo)

Deriel Ramos (Boston)

Bayler Plunkett (Hyde)

Scarlett Perez (Irwin)

Ashley Rosillo Centeno (Nesbitt)

Avery Everett (Peace)

Samuel Mizell (Renfro)

Nevaeh Henslee (Robbins)

Emme Carver (Swink)

Amariah Lay (Tate)

First grade

Noah Allen (Hayes)

Kamree Adams (MacKnight)

Isabella Diaz (Parker)

Lilly Westberry (Parr)

Izabella Bhimji (Pullen)

Emma Gonzalez (Queen)

Cooper Rayburn (Roberts)

Brylie Carter (Stewart)

Jack Renfro (Tallent)

Nicklas Michels (Thornton)

Asa Mulins (Williams)

Lundi Phillips (Woods)

Julian Trammell (Wright)

Second grade

Luke Dillard (Adcock)

Jagger Childress (Balliew)

Dylan Welborn (Benton)

Judd Dean (Brown)

Ryder Roberts (Burns)

Brayden Tomlinson (Goodwin)

Charlie Prater (Silvers)

Brantley Phillips (Holbrook)

Jaycie Mitchell (Reyes)

Kylie Parson (McGill)

Noah Holland (Pinyan)

Rhett Williams (Rigney)

James Ramirez (Serritt)

CES Character Club recipients

Third grade

Lila Ray Hayward (Banta)

Skylar Wyatt (Dant)

Reed Davis (Elakman)

Kamryn Kendrick (Everett)

Celeste Rosas-Colorado (Gilmor)

Gracey Derrick (Gulledge)

Payton Epps (Hayward)

Kamryn Brannen (McBrayer)

Bailey Corrao (Psaila)

Omarion Cook (Shelton)

Faith Graham (Stewart)

Fourth grade

Kasia Abdel-Hameed (Anderson)

Eduard Perez Briseno (Bramblett)

Julio Rodriguez Garcia (Hawkins)

Addie Grace Hoblitzell (Holley)

Jenna Proctor (McDougal)

Emmanuel Lopez Perez (Michels)

David Espino Urtiz (Murphree)

Jelym Zita-Perez (Rhinehart)

Caden Putnam (Squires)

Rusty Maldonado (Swann)

Bryson Brown (S. West)

Kaylee Bagley (White)

Fifth grade

Lexi Gray (Banks)

Mia McQueen (Bishop)

Ava Roland (Duncan)

Ricky Toledo (Long)

Joesbiel Davila (Morris)

Demetrius Clavino (Ruff)

Amber Holden (Witmer)

Chelsea Forsyth (Starkey)

Cady DeFoor (Swift)

Chloe Chambers (B.West)

Bella Garmon (H. Williams)


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