Calhoun City Council

Calhoun City Council members George Crowley, from left, Ray Denmon, James F. Palmer, Al Edwards and Jackie Palazzolo.

The Calhoun City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to allow the Food City currently under construction on Lovers Lane at Dews Pond Road to have a larger-than-normal sign, though not quite as large as the business had requested.

City rules allow signs of up to 25 square feet on local roads, however, Ortwein Sign on behalf of Dews Pond LCC, the owner of the Food City grocery store, had requested a variance of 125 square feet to allow for a sign that would be 150 square feet total. They also asked for a sign height variance of 15 feet, which would double the local rules to a height of 30 feet.

City Administrator Eddie Peterson told the mayor and councilors that state laws only allow signs up to 120 square feet on state roads, so his suggestion was to allow the Food City sign to match those requirements. It makes no sense to allow them something bigger than the state allows, he said.

The council agreed and voted to allow a variance of up to 120 square feet on the sign.

In other business, the council:

♦ Conducted a public hearing and approved a beer package license request for Kiesha’s Produce, located at 876. N. Wall St.

♦ Conducted a second reading for a beer and wine package license request for a business at 1133 S. Wall St.

♦ Conducted a second reading for an amendment that allow and set limits for samples at a microbrewery.

♦ Adopted a resolution to exercise the right of eminent domain to acquire permanent sewer easements for the South Sewer Extension project.

♦ Approved a Calhoun Police Department request to declare as surplus and sell 12 vehicles, including seven 2012 Dodge Charges and five 2006 Ford Crown Vics.


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