Council member John Byrd, serving as mayor pro-tem for the evening, presents Marie Harington with the Volunteer Aging Council with a resolution approved by the city, showing its support for the agency and encouraging Ball Ground residents to support it as well during Thursday night's Ball Ground City Council meeting.

The Ball Ground City Council adopted a new service delivery area map and granted new authorities to the Cherokee County Water and Sewer Authority during Thursday night’s meeting.

The first item of new business to come before the council was adopting a new service delivery area map. According to City Manager Eric Wilmarth, certain areas on the previous map were labeled as being covered by Ball Ground. However, these areas had water lines from the CCWSA already in place there, while the authority also had customers in the spots in question as well. Under the new map, two areas where this situation was the case, an area south of downtown between Northridge Road and Flatbottom Road and an area north of downtown stretching past Fairview Road, would be fully given up to the CCWSA. Wilmarth explained in a work session prior to the meeting that this new map was the last missing piece on the service delivery agreement, with the map being unanimously approved by the council.

Along with adopting a new service delivery area map, the council also approved granting certain authorities to the CCWSA, namely giving the CCWSA the authority to conduct industrial pre-treatment inspections to make treatment at the county’s wastewater treatment plants easier and conduct inspections within the city’s water system to ensure these standards are being met.

The council recognized Marie Harington with the Volunteer Aging Council as she came before the city to encourage the city to support the agency and all it does for area seniors. A non-profit organization, Harington explained that the Volunteer Aging Council helps seniors with various tasks around the house, as well as assisting them in being mobile following things like surgeries. Following her explanation about the organization, council member John Byrd, serving as mayor pro-tem for the meeting, read out a resolution affirming the city’s support and encouraging Ball Ground residents to support the agency as well.

In other business:

  • Wilmarth informed the council that the city currently has approximately $792,000 in all of its accounts, but the city was still waiting on a reimbursement to go into its SPLOST fund. He announced that property tax bills have been mailed and Monday would mark the beginning of the city’s annual audit. In addition, Wilmarth said the trail at Roberts Lake Park is now under construction, nearly all of the necessary hardware to install the flashing school zone sign has been received, the sidewalk project on Church Street has been completed, the water line on Flatbottom Road has been installed, a mural grant for downtown has been approved and he will be attending a class in October to learn more about the issue of homelessness.
  • A resolution, authorizing the mayor to establish a franchise fee applicable to holders of cable and video franchises issued by the State of Georgia passed. This franchise fee rate is scheduled to be set at 5%, the same fee rate the state charges.
  • The council approved an amendment to the city’s retirement plan document, providing retirement credit of up to five years for city employees, depending on how much time these individuals had served when the document was approved in 2017.
  • A change to the city’s schedule of fees was approved. Added to the schedule was a small fee regarding stormwater drainage in residential areas, as was a fee of $750 per long side service bore when a hole has to be bored under a city street in order to install water lines.
  • In response to a bill that has been considered by the Georgia House of Representatives that would prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing ordinances related to building design elements in certain residential communities, the council unanimously approved a resolution, calling on the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce to support local governments in this matter.
  • The council entered a closed session near the end of the meeting to discuss possible future land acquisition. Upon returning from executive session, the council took no action on the matter before adjourning the meeting.

The next meeting of the Ball Ground City Council will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 10.


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