The Georgia Farm Bureau and Chick-Fil-A Rockmart recently joined hands to make Community Ag Day a reality in Polk, and dozens of locals gathered at the restaurant for a day of educational activities and lessons.

The events were held across five different stations- each focused on a different aspect of agriculture and livestock. As children zipped between each, they got a chance to learn about the life cycle of chickens, make their own butter, learn how to plant seeds, take a food safety tour inside of Chick-Fil-A, and watch a cow get milked inside the Mobile Dairy Classroom.

Volunteers and staff from the bureau were present to teach about the various topics, but the kids also got hands-on, practical experience at each station. Instead of just watch the butter be made, children could be seen shaking and stirring it on their own, and there was even a chance for families to sit inside a few farm-based vehicles.

Polk County Farm Bureau President James Casey hoped the children would leave with a better understanding of where their food came from and realize that agriculture is still a thriving, worthwhile industry.

“(I hope they understand) that agriculture is still alive and well,” Casey said. “It’s very important to all of us.”

The June 21 Ag Day was one of many events the Georgia Farm Bureau has held for the same purpose. Farm Day, for example, is a similar event where youth are invited out to learn about animals, crops, and other farm-based goods.

“What we’re trying to do there is get children to think about where their food comes from,” Casey said. “But we want them to have a fun day so they have pleasant memories of that. We show them animals and all sorts of stuff then feed them ice cream and peanuts and hope they enjoy it.”

The Georgia Farm Bureau is a voluntary agricultural organization with now nearly 300,000 member families. It’s meant to help grassroots farmers and agriculture itself have a bigger voice, and numerous benefits are available to those who purchase a membership.

“We’re involved in a lot of things, but the main thing we’re trying to do is be a voice for the Georgia farmers,” Casey said.

Those interested in finding out more about the bureau can visit for more information. More information about Rockmart Chick-Fil-A can be found at


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