'Montana Grit Outdoors' to hold concert to support veterans

PHILIPSBURG, Mont. -- Bringing a star country singer like Brian Davis to a small Montana town like Philipsburg for a concert is pretty big news. For that, thank Montana Grit Outdoors, a new nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans and their families live their lives with purpose.

Founder Breane Lindvall comes from a military family and has always had an affection for hunting in her home state. Now, she wants to combine the two by giving those impacted by war a chance to express themselves through guided hunts, survival education, and other outdoor activities.

"Our organization is based around saying 'thank you,'" Lindvall said. "We want to offer these programs to show [veterans] that we care about them, in a place where they feel comfortable."

"And it's just doing normal things, fun things," Lindvall added. "You know, Montana stuff. It's going to be a great experience."

In addition to the concert fundraiser, Montana Grit Outdoors is collaborating with other outfitters to provide workshop programs to veterans free of charge.

"Our workshops will run about four days," Lindvall said. "The classes would run throughout the day, and then in the evening, we bring them by the campfire, provide awesome meals, and just bring them together and give them a good time in a nice, private area in Montana."

All proceeds, including concert ticket sales, donations, and a live auction on the day of the concert, will go toward Montana Grit Outdoors' goal of serving those who served our country.

The "We Are the Bold" concert will take place at Winninghoff Park in Philipsburg, Montana, on Friday, July 29. Gates open at 5 p.m. In addition to Brian Davis, local country star Levi Blom will be performing.

Tickets can be purchased for $30 (or $15 with VIP access for veterans) on the Montana Grit Outdoors website, as well as other locations in Philipsburg and Anaconda.

To purchase tickets, or to learn more information about the concert, auction, or Montana Grit Outdoors in general, visit the event page on the Montana Grit Outdoors website.

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