Barbra Streisand always 'doubts' people will turn up to her gigs Content Exchange

Barbra Streisand always "doubts" people will turn up to her shows.

The 79-year-old icon has been performing to packed out crowds for almost six decades, but every time she books a concert, the 'Woman in Love' hitmaker worries tickets won't sell.

The 'Funny Girl' star recalled being overwhelmed when she played to 70,000 fans at London's Hyde Park in 2019, which she hailed as a "treasured moment".

And the 'Meet The Fockers' star couldn't believe it when she saw a video of fans singing 'The Way We Were', which she had performed with special guest Lionel Richie at the British Summer Time show, on the tube after her performance.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Barbra said: "I always have these doubts, like, will anybody show up, I always doubt myself in a sense and to see 70,000 people there that night. They were a fantastic audience, You know what was fantastic, by the way, somebody showed me a video. The people in the subway, singing, was it 'The Way We Were' in the subway. After the concert. That was a kick. That was really lovely. It's the tube, you call it, right? That was a treasured moment."

Elsewhere, Barbra - who is releasing previously unreleased songs from her vault on the upcoming LP 'Release Me 2' - ​revealed she has spent the past eight years handwriting her memoir because she never learned how to type.

She said: "When I started writing, which is many years ago, I wrote in longhand because I never learned how to type. Because my mother wanted me to become a secretary and type when I was in high school, and I only wanted to be an actress. So, I let my nails grow. So I could never type. And now, believe me, I wish I knew how to type. Now I talk into my QuickVoice app and then I send it to somebody to type. I'm better at remembering all those years ago. I can tell you what I wore I could tell you probably what I ate. I know where I stood when I sang 'Sweet Forgiveness'. I remember that image."

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