The Jewish War Veterans Atlanta Post 112 May 21 held at Berman Commons in Dunwoody its first political event involving the two candidates for the District 6 U.S. House of Representatives seat special runoff election June 20. Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff each spoke, with Handel leading off.

 “My experience proves I am the most qualified to represent the 6th District,” she said. “Yesterday was Armed Forces Day and I was with Congressman Will Hurt of Texas and Congressman Brian Mass of Florida, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.”

Handel said she supports the Taylor Force Act, which will stop funding the Palestinian Authority and “stop the flow of U.S. aid to other organizations that have killed thousands of Israeli’s and over fifty Americans.”

“If I am your Congressman, I’ll be a strong partner for Israel,” she said. “Veterans deserve the very best health care and benefits this nation can offer. If I am elected, I will fight to ensure that Congress honors its covenant to provide for you and your families.”

Ossoff talked about the veterans in his family.

“We need fresh leadership in D.C. Both my grandfathers served in World War II,” he said. “My father (has) faith and tradition of service, which I am very proud. I am disgusted by the tone of politics today by both parties. We live in a dangerous world, North Korea with their ballistic missile program. We need defensive systems in place. We need to increase pressure on China to put pressure on North Korea. The Middle East with ISIS is reprehensible. We should use air power coordinated with local partners.”

Incumbent Tom Price, M.D., R-Roswell, vacated the seat in February when he was appointed secretary of health and human services. The district includes parts of Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Based on recent polls and the Democrat-Republican split in the 18-person special election April 18, the race could go down to the wire.

“This election is going to be very close,” said Lt. Col. George Heart of Post 112.

The event was organized by Marc Alan Urbach, the post’s patron ambassador for the Southeast.


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