Cities in Fulton County will no longer have to pay the county for handling its local elections in even-numbered years when the county is holding its regularly scheduled primary, primary runoff, general or general runoff elections.

“This is the right decision. We are the right vehicle to run elections for our municipalities. We have the infrastructure to do it and we should,” said Fulton District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis.

At its Aug. 7 meeting at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta, the county’s board of commissioners voted 5-1 to absorb the cost of conducting even-year municipal and school board elections when Fulton is holding its regularly scheduled elections such as statewide or presidential races.

District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr. cast the lone dissenting vote.

The resolution stated that, in addition, during odd-numbered years when the municipalities and school districts hold regular and special elections, the municipalities and school districts would pay $2.96 per registered voter for those.

If a runoff is required, the municipalities and school districts would pay $2.46 per registered voter for the county to run the election.

The payment of these per registered voter amount is inclusive of the provision of 10 early voting sites, the resolution stated.

The board’s vote comes after Roswell Mayor Lori Henry in June objected to that city having to spend a higher amount than last year to shoulder its share of the county’s election budget for 2019 since cities like Atlanta and Sandy Springs are not holding elections this year.

After Roswell balked at Fulton’s first contract, which would require it to pay the county $650,155, Fulton dropped the price to $534,932 in late June and then to $374,997 in mid-July. But each price decrease also included less voting sites, hours and days. However, the county in late July agreed to add the East Roswell Library as an early voting location.

This policy should be in place for all Fulton municipalities and school districts beginning with elections this year, and would be used for any agreement with a municipality for the county to conduct their elections.

According to Ellis, a previous board of commissioners voted to charge this administrative fee, “but this resolution would essentially remove that administrative fee.”

Neighbor Staff Writer Elizabeth Nouryeh contributed to this report.


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