Fulton County is one step closer to being home to a Grammy Museum.

"I think this is a great opportunity for our county and the state, and I am happy to support it and I also see there is minority and female participation,” District 5 Fulton Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr. said.

This was Arrington’s reaction after the county’s board of commissioners voted 6-0 to approve a $250,000 feasibility study for such a project at its June 5 regular meeting at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta.

Al Nash, CEO of Select Fulton and executive director of the county’s development authority, requested approval of this agreement after it was tabled at the commission's May 15 recess meeting after a motion to approve it at the May 1 regular meeting failed.

The study calls for looking into the possibility of building a second Grammy Museum in the county. The original one is in Los Angeles and would not move to Atlanta. The museum is devoted to the music recording industry, and the Grammys are the annual awards the Recording Academy hands out.

District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann agreed with Arrington, adding this was what she described as a "very worthwhile project for the county."

"This will lead to the development of so many of our goals in art, economic development and education," she said. "This facility, as it is currently under discussion, will have a huge educational value for the county. It will help some of our brightest stay here in the Atlanta area instead of going to other parts of the country for employment."

With the study approved, Select Fulton will enter into it with Georgia Music Accord to explore the museum possibility, according to a study synopsis.

Fulton and Georgia Music Accord will use funding to be provided by the county, the state and the city of Atlanta to explore the feasibility of establishing either a Grammy Museum or Grammy Museum Experience in Georgia.

The summary pointed out that this agreement would include the undertaking of due diligence, commissioning an economic impact study, a business/feasibility study, a nonprofit fundraising feasibility study, and the development of a master plan for the museum.

According to the summary, the development of such a museum would support an increase in the size of the Georgia music industry and result in the creation of a music tourism attraction in Fulton that would generate positive economic impact and would also add to the cultural value of the county.


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