Khadijah Abdur-Rahman and Patrick "Pat" Labat

From left, District 6 Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman gets a firsthand look inside one of the dilapidated cell blocks at the Fulton County Rice Street Jail with Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat, Feb. 10, in northwest Atlanta.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat wants everyone to “Think Twice. Save a Life.” when it comes to gun violence.

In response to a rise in crime and an expected surge in law-breaking acts this summer, Labat has launched a campaign by that name to curb gun violence. According to a news release, the campaign coincides with the national response to worries over public safety, with gun violence being looked at as the most serious threat.

Led by the sheriff’s office, this initiative will unite surrounding law enforcement municipalities and communities in a common goal: ending gun violence. The messaging campaign will target promoting gun safety, reducing shooting incidents and encouraging residents to “Think Twice. Save a Life.” during arguments.

“Too often we are seeing what begins as a small disagreement, or minor incident, quickly escalating into something tragic that changes the lives of individuals and families forever,” Labat said in the release.” I firmly believe we can end this alarming trend by proactively encouraging people to think twice before reacting, ultimately saving lives.”

In the past year there have been countless incidents in Fulton where disputes erupted into gun violence, often resulting in fatalities. For example, a rideshare driver allegedly shot two of his three passengers during an argument at a northeast Atlanta gas station June 23, killing one, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

Labat and the sheriff’s office encourage all residents that if they “see something, say something,” to help prevent violence before it begins, the release stated. Also, gun owners are warned to keep their firearms safely stored at all times so they don’t wind up in criminals’ hands.

The sheriff’s office strongly recommends firearms owners to keep them stored in gun safes or security cases at home and to not leave them in their vehicle overnight, or unattended, and to always make sure their cars are locked.


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