There are seven elementary and middle schools in the Fulton County Schools district included in the list of Turnaround Eligible Schools by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and all on the county’s south end.

South Learning Community Area Superintendent Gyimah Whitaker has plans to lift each of these schools above the 55.3 threshold grade level on the state’s College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) to take them off Turnaround list.

Turnaround Eligible Schools are defined as schools that have a three-year average CCRPI score that is in the bottom 5% in Georgia, not including non-traditional schools and state special schools.

“Be assured that the goal of the (Fulton) Board (of Education) is to have zero failing schools, which is understood by our staff and, meeting this goal not just once but year after year, will transition our Fulton County schools off this list,” Whitaker said.

This is how Whitaker concluded her marks to the board at its Sept. 19 meeting at the South Learning Center in Union City regarding the district’s five elementary and two middle schools on the Turnaround Schools Eligible list.

The elementary schools on the list and their 2018 CCRPI scores are College Park (50.7), Feldwood (48.7), Love T. Nolan (49.9), Parklane (48.9) and S.L. Lewis (50.8), and the middle schools are McNair (54.2) and Woodland (53.4).

“Our common commitments featured this year between the school district and its schools are leadership development, literacy, data action and analysis, standards mastery framework and coaching,” Whitaker said. “The district has determined all schools will have leadership development and literacy priority.”

She pointed out in her presentation that four elementary schools – S.L. Lewis, Asa G. Hilliard (CCRPI score of 67.2), College Park and Feldwood – will focus their efforts in the implementation of the Standards Mastery Framework.

“This will ensure students are taught the prioritized standards at the depth of knowledge required by the Georgia Milestones (Assessment System),” Whitaker said.

She also reported to the board that Paul D. West Middle School (CCRPI score of 55.4) was continuing its work with instructional monitoring.

“New members were added to the administrative team and this focus will ensure the established practices for monitoring reading programs,” Whitaker said.

In addition, Love T. Nolan has selected coaching as their focus area, she said.

“This focus will ensure real time instructional support of teachers via instructional coaches through observation and feedback,” Whitaker said.

Cliff Jones, the district’s chief academic officer, said the district “is committed to supporting the academic progress occurring in our Turnaround Eligible Schools and reporting on our efforts in a transparent manner.”

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