Here Comes the Bus

The Here Comes the Bus app allows parents to track their student’s bus.

Fulton County parents will now be able to track the location and arrival times of their child’s school bus through the app, Here Comes the Bus.

“Here Comes the Bus” allows parents and students to track their school bus using GPS technology. Similar to ride-sharing apps, the bus shows up as an icon on a map, and users can follow its progress as it moves toward the bus stop. The program is available on or through the Apple or Google app stores.

The app lets students and parents know when the bus is expected to arrive, something especially helpful during extreme temperatures or weather. The app shows real time location and can give parents specific departure times. Here Comes the Bus also lets parents know when there is a substitute bus driver.

Fulton County Schools’ Transportation Department will have around 770 buses rolling out on the first day of school. Seventy-eight new drivers were hired to meet the staffing targets set for the new year, ensuring that every FCS bus has an assigned driver. The app will help parents rest assured that their child gets to school safely and lessens the time students wait outside for the bus.

In addition to a new app, each elementary student will be given a tag for their bookbag as they are leaving their bus on the first day of school. This tag has their bus ID as well as an animal/color, so in the afternoons, the student can easily match it with the corresponding sign on the outside of their bus. Along with route sheets containing student names, this bag tag will help drivers identify that the right students are on the right bus.

To sign up, parents enter their child’s last name and student ID number, which is available from the school and is the same number used to view their academic information online (Infinite Campus) and school meal programs (MyPaymentsPlus). Fulton County Schools’ code – 87428 – also is needed. After completing a brief user profile, the app is ready to use.


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