The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office unveiled multiple county billboards in an attempt to solicit witnesses and additional information to help with the investigation of three police-involved shootings.

At a press conference, Fulton District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. said the goal of the billboards in this effort is to seek information and witnesses to tell the complete story.

The three incidents are described as followed:

♦ On Dec. 28, along I-285 near Camp Creek Parkway at noon, 35-year-old Devin Nolley was shot during an altercation involving East Point Police Officers and City of South Fulton Police Officers. The billboard related to this incident is located on I-285 westbound near the Camp Creek Parkway exit.

♦ On Jan. 15, at the Shell Gas Station near the intersection of Whitehall and McDaniel streets in Atlanta, 18-year-old D’Ettrick Griffin was shot and killed by Oliver Simmonds, an off-duty police officer who is a member of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ security detail. Griffin allegedly jumped into the driver’s seat of Simmonds’ unmarked SUV while he was pumping gas. Simmonds shot and killed Griffin as he attempted to steal the vehicle. The billboard related to this shooting is located at the intersection of Whitehall Street and McDaniel Street.

♦ In the early afternoon of March 13, at the intersection of Moreland Avenue SE and Arkwright Place SE in Atlanta, 56-year-old Kenneth Gilbert Sr., 29-year-old Kenneth Gilbert Jr., and an Atlanta Police Department SWAT Unit engaged in an altercation. The first billboard soliciting more information and witnesses related to this incident is located near the intersection of Moreland and Memorial Drive. The second billboard is located near the intersection of Moreland Avenue and Moreland Drive, a short distance from the shooting scene.

Anyone with information about these three incidents is asked to call the Fulton District Attorney’s Office Hotline number and leave a voicemail message at 1-833-432-7285.


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