A new animal control shelter that would replace Fulton County’s 40-year-old venue is well on its way to being constructed.

“The animal control facility needs to be replaced, as it is not only old but is too small now for the number of animals we have there,” Alton Adams, Fulton’s deputy chief operating officer for public safety, said of the shelter, located on Marietta Boulevard in northwest Atlanta.

Following his address during the county board of commissioners’ meeting May 1 at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta, the board voted 6-0 to fund a $250,000 feasibility study for animal services. District 6 Commissioner Emma Darnell was absent.

“This is the first step in an effort to replace our current animal shelter, which was built in the 1970s,” said Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez, a Fulton spokeswoman.

She said board Chair Robb Pitts and other commissioners have advocated for the county to explore a new or expanded shelter.

Funding for this feasibility study was allocated in the fiscal 2019 budget. The additional funds were allocated from the capital budget, which will allow for a design concept to be prepared.

“We expect the feasibility study to be completed this fall, which would allow the commission to consider funding construction costs as part of the county’s (fiscal) 2020 budget,” Corbitt-Dominquez said.

District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis fully supported the study, saying, “It is long overdue.”

In addition, the county has invested in a number of upgrades to the current facility’s office space and flooring areas to improve conditions while the process to have a new shelter gets underway.

“This feasibility study will be done to assist the county to gain insights into modern animal shelters in the current market,” Corbitt-Dominguez said. “The feasibility study will guide consideration and decision-making in regard to the site selection, space requirements and potential improvements for the new animal services facility.”

Phone messages left with Ellis and District 3 Commissioner Lee Morris after the meeting seeking comment on the shelter and feasibility study were not immediately returned.


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