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CLARIFICATION: The headline on this story has been changed to reflect that it is MercyOne's parent company that is cutting the billing jobs. The story was changed to reflect that IT employees' duties will be changing.

Mercy Health Network had some notable changes in 2019.

The health care company announced a new 27,000-square-foot behavioral health center in Mason City that's meant to help patients through mental illness and connect them to information and community resources.

Additionally, the network of more than 40 medical centers and hospital campuses and 230 primary care clinics and health facilities re-branded across the state of Iowa, and the region, as MercyOne with a brand new logo.

That decision for the group, which employs more than 20,000 people, came after 18-plus months of planning.

In March 2020, approximately 120 billing positions in Mason City with Trinity Health, a parent company of MercyOne, will be relocated. 

That decision comes along with nationwide moves that will affect at least 1,650 Trinity employees across 94 hospitals and care sites, according to a report from the Iowa-based Business Record. 

MercyOne spokesperson Gregg Lagan said the 120 people whose jobs are being transferred have not only been notified of the move but have been offered the opportunity to relocate with their expenses covered or provided severance pay.

The Mason City move makes up the lion's share of the relocation numbers in Iowa totaling 130. About 10 IT employees in Waterloo will have their duties changed as a result of the decision.

Part of the impetus for the restructuring is that Trinity is creating three centralized billing-service centers, located in Kentwood, Michigan; Farmington Hills, Michigan; and Columbus, Ohio, while shifting to electronic medical records systems.

A report from the Philadelphia Business Journal noted that "139 hospital and physician-practice billing positions and two information technology positions are being eliminated across Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic" and 50 IT employees are being offered employment with Trinity Health's application management services partner.

That same article notes that Trinity, in total, maintains 94 hospital and 109 continuing-care facilities in 22 states across the country with an operating revenue of $18.3 billion. All health care spending in the U.S. totaled more than $3.65 trillion in 2018.

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