The Fulton County Board of Commissioners views the county’s board of assessors missing important dates regarding property tax assessment appeals as a major problem, with one commissioner going so far as saying it looks like this is a pattern.

“My concern is that we have had multiple deadlines set by the board of assessors regarding assessment appeals being missed, and that is a concern,” District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis said at the commission’s May 15 recess meeting at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta.

In one instance, the board of assessors said it had committed to having 25% of the assessment appeals resolved.

“Now here we are in mid-May and we hear that only 10% had been resolved by the board of assessors, with the rest going before the board of equalization and other parties,” Ellis said.

He also brought up the issue of funding by the commission so more personnel could be available to solve these appeals.

“The purpose of the funding to the board of assessors was to have more personnel available to handle these appeals and not have to have citizens with their appeals going before the board of equalization or other parties,” Ellis said.

Dwight Robinson, Fulton’s chief appraiser, had said that 25% of appeals would be resolved by the board of assessors.

Ellis told Robinson that his words were not “comforting” based on past performances with regard to missing deadlines. The commissioner asked how many exemptions had not been processed as of May 15, and Robinson said he did not have the exact number.

Robinson said the target date to get these bills out is May 17 but, he said, the board of assessors would likely miss that deadline by a few days.

The specific time for assessments to go out has also not been met, Ellis said.

“These missed target dates have not only affected us but the (Fulton) school system and Fulton County municipalities,” he said.


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