Marc Alan Urbach is running for president in the Nov. 8 election not as a publicity stunt but as an alternative to the main candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

“Honestly I’ve been told by many people in the last year and a half that (in a debate) I would destroy Trump and knock Hillary off the stage in 10 to 15 minutes,” the Dunwoody resident said. “I am mainly running because I love people, love America, and see both parties not doing enough to help people in this country, including not helping everyone earn higher earnings.”

Urbach works as a journalist for We The Kids, a South Bend, Indiana-based company promoting the U.S. Constitution as a component in children’s education. He’s the author of two books: “Heal Our Nation Save Our World” and “Believe: Do We Need a Third-Grade Awakening?” and is working on a third, a children’s book co-written by his daughter Rachel. In the 1990s he owned Texas Sports Imaging, a company specializing in producing youth sports photos for children and their families, in Austin before selling it and moving to Atlanta.

“I have run a business for several years in Austin, Texas, creating income for my employees,” Urbach said. “I feel like I’m a very polished person who could lead this nation. That’s what a leader does. A leader inspires. There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America. We just need to get the people to stop being apathetic in wanting to change things.”

Urbach, who taught Georgia history for five years at Richards Middle School in Lawrenceville and world and U.S. history, civics and economics for six years at Norcross High, said he is well acquainted with the Constitution and economics based on his experience.

“I’m very youthful in health and spirit, very qualified to serve in terms of knowledge of the Constitution,” he said. “I consider myself an expert in that I am an expert in economics because I have taught it. I’m a polished speaker. I can sit down with the best opposed person. (If elected) I would want to sit down with (U.S. Sen.) Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) to see what’s going on in her mind on why a college student deserves a free education. A leader doesn’t sit down with a fellow Republican but a person who feels the opposite way. I want all Americans to live a better life than they are living right now so they can save more money.

Urbach said he is running as an independent.

 “My party will never be put down on paper because it goes against (George) Washington’s philosophy because he did not like political parties,” he said. “(I am) definitely conservative on financial economic matters, immigration, fiscal responsibility, education, socially minded in helping the poor. I’m an independent who believes in the (principle) of Washington’s final address. I would probably be an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the most conservative, but that’s a little misleading because I really want to help the poor and the disabled.”

Urbach said he is a legitimate candidate. Though he has been covered by smaller newspapers in metro Atlanta such as the Neighbor, he has been frustrated by the lack of coverage he has received from the major media outlets such as the local TV stations.

“If they went on my website and simply looked at what President Urbach could do for them, they would see he’s a very legitimate candidate and if they watched one of my videos, they would see he’s a very polished speaker. … I’m doing this not for publicity but for the American people,” Urbach said. “People are making $3,000 to $5,000 less in terms of purchasing power in the last 15 years. The government tells us we have a $20 trillion debt but I believe it’s way over that.

“I believe in immigration. I am a fifth-generation American. My great-great-grandfather and my great-grandfather immigrated here. 80 million out of the labor workforce and about 50 million people living in poverty and approximately 68 million living off food stamps. Hillary wants to bring in more refugees and Obama has brought in about 600,000 immigrants. Yet Americans have never suffered like this before, financially. President Obama and the Congress both have broken their oath to the people by allowing all these people to come into the country. I will secure all of our borders. I would fire everyone in the Office of Refugee Resettlement and abolish the office.”

Mary Kay Bacallao, a math education professor, met Urbach a little over a year ago at a Lanier Tea Party meeting in Gainesville, where she gave a presentation on education legislation. Bacallao, a Republican who ran for state school superintendent in 2014 and U.S. Senate this year, said she is voting for Trump in the election because she had already told the public she would do so when she was in debates with the other GOP Senate candidates. But she supports Urbach’s candidacy.

“I read his book ‘Believe.’ That’s how I first got to know him,” Bacallao said. “He is an orthodox Jew and a righteous person. He hasn’t watched TV for three years so he sees everything in black and white. I applaud him for stepping out there (as a candidate). It’s a great personal sacrifice. He stands for everything our country is about: all the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Urbach is listed as a write-in candidate on the ballot in Georgia and possibly eight other states where no paperwork is required to become a write-in candidate. The other 31 states require so many documents, he said, that it was not worth the effort to become a write-in candidate there.


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