The Neighbor will feature a blog each day of the Democratic National Convention from Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry. Terry is one of four PLEO Bernie Sanders delegates from Georgia.

The road was not entirely smooth on day two of the Democratic National Convention – there were a few dramatic bumps. Demonstrations were going on throughout the day and a few delegates left to vote for the Green Party. But like the first day of the convention, the speakers last night and Sanders’ formal nomination of Clinton brought people together in a way that was not captured on TV. It was an emotional night and our delegates were certainly moved with moments like Sander’s brother’s teary vote. We once again felt unified.

It’s interesting to see and talk to so many first time delegates – people who have campaigned hard for Sanders for example. This is their first foray into the two party political system and many of them are young millennials. I remember 10 years ago when I was introduced to it all, it seemed overly complicated. But there is an understanding that patience, longevity and hard work is rewarded. We must think in the long term and not give up.

Sanders once again voiced his acclamation of Clinton last night and with less than four months until the election, now is not the time for our party to fracture. When the candidate that you worked hard for doesn’t get the nomination, it can be a hard truth to those new to the process. That happens. But I’ve met politicians over the years that have stayed committed, time and time again, until they end up finally winning. That’s democracy.


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