Twenty candidates have qualified to fill the first mayor and city council seats for the new city of Stonecrest.

The special election to be held March 21 will allow voters to elect Stonecrest’s first mayor as well as five city council members to oversee a population of around 50,000.

During the Nov. 8 elections last year, almost 60 percent of voters chose to make Stonecrest the newest city in DeKalb County.

In the running for mayor are businessman Douglas Favors II; Jason Lary, president of the city advocate group, Stonecrest yes; and Charles Hill, II, a current Yale graduate student who previously ran for House District 91.

For District One, candidates are web developer Jimmy Clanton, Jr of Lithonia and educator Charles Ross of Stone Mountain.

District Two candidates are businessman Plez Joyner of Lithonia, educator Alexis Morris of Lithonia, program manager Rob Turner of Decatur and educator Gretchen Torbert of Lithonia.

The two qualified candidates for District Three are administrative operations manager Jazzmin Cobble and Eric Hubbard, a staff member for Rep. Hank Johnson. Both are Lithonia residents.

Five candidates are vying for the District Four seat. They are: former homicide detective Geraldine Champion of Lithonia; former DeKalb school board member Jesse “Jay” Cunningham of Decatur; National Action Network Youth Director Mary-Pat Hector of Lithonia; non-profit executive Jonathan “JP” Phillips of Decatur; and George Turner, Jr of Lithonia.

Finally, the four-way race for District Five has businesswoman Diane Adoma; Tammy Grimes; educator Lloyd Morrison; and Richard Stone. They are all residents of Lithonia.

The new city will become official April 1 when the elected mayor and council take office. It will initially take control of code enforcement, zoning and parks and recreation from the county with other services to be potentially added later, such as police.

Stonecrest will be employing the public-private partnership model used by Sandy Springs to control costs, select the highest-quality service providers and attract quality businesses.

There will be no tax increase for DeKalb residents as an immediate result of the city’s incorporation.


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