030321_MNS_Chamblee_District4 council districts map

This map of the proposed new Chamblee City Council districts lists them from top to bottom, as Districts 2, 1, 3 and 4.

The city of Chamblee announced it has received permission from the state to add a fourth city council district, pending its approval.

Since October, when Darron Kusman, one of its two at-large council members, resigned after a resident who lived near a residential development he was involved with filed an ethics complaint against him, the city has looked into its options to fill the vacant seat.

According to a news release, the council worked with District 40 State Sen. Sally Harrell, D-Atlanta, and the Georgia General Assembly’s Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office to reassign the open at-large post and create a new council District 4 to promote equal representation among its residents.

“The new council district boundaries were created after reviewing census blocks, population centers and neighborhood communities of interest,” the release stated. “The goal was to keep neighborhoods together and recognize natural boundaries (such as larger roads and streams), while evenly distributing the population amongst the four districts.

“The council believes this map accomplishes these goals; however, we also recognize these boundaries will need to be revisited when the new (U.S.) Census data is available in 2022.”

Moving from three districts to four is considered a “change of governance” in Georgia. The new map and districts will need to be introduced as legislation and pass both chambers of the state Legislature before being signed by the governor.

Once it is signed into law, the new district seat can be filled. Chamblee plans to have the District 4 election in November, when the city’s district 1, at-large and mayor’s seat are also up for election.


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