Last dance for these senior 'foxtrotters'

Senior citizens known as "The Foxtrotters" gather at county senior center for monthly dances to live music. It's important for seniors to get out and socialize to keeping loneliness at bay, notes club president Barbara Digulla. The club met every month for more than 20 years until county-mandated increases in fees caused the club to disband. Pictured: Virgia Chappell, Atlanta, in line dance

A brand new $7.8 million state-of-the-art senior center in Districts 4 and 7 is a step closer to reality, after a 5-2 vote on Nov. 13 by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

“This will be an asset that will be used and enjoyed by the citizens of DeKalb County maybe for the next 25 to 30 years,” Commissioner Steve Bradshaw said.

The proposed senior center will be located on a 2.7-acre, county-owned parcel at 4875 Elam Road in Stone Mountain. This location was chosen after due diligence and a feasibility study was completed.

“Commissioner Bradshaw is to be commended for his vision and efforts to bring this new center to reality,” DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond said. “The programming and amenities of this proposed center will allow the seniors of District 4 to enjoy companionship, organized physical activity and many other benefits of having a senior center in their community.”

The energy-efficient and sustainable 21,000-square-foot proposed senior center will be a modern, functional facility that is aesthetically pleasing to the community and meets the need of seniors in Districts 4 and 7, according to officials. The site will feature about 100 parking spaces, a covered main entrance drop-off area, service entrance, landscaping and pedestrian plaza.

“This new senior center, with the added amenity of a swimming pool, is long overdue in District 4,” said Bradshaw. “Our senior citizens deserve a wonderful new facility in which to meet, greet and recreate. I am gratified that we got to move this process forward.”

In the coming months, community meetings will be scheduled so that constituents can offer their ideas. Meeting dates will be published in Bradshaw’s District 4 newsletters. To sign up for updates, email Robin Flieg at


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