The city of Doraville officially welcomed their new mayor and three recently elected council members during a swearing in ceremony on January 6.


Members of the community packed the Forest Fleming Arena in Honeysuckle Park to watch as Judge Angela Duncan, a former Doraville resident, swore in councilmembers Andy Yeoman, District 1; Rebekah Cohen Morris, District 2 and Maria Alexander, District 3 as well as the new mayor, Joseph Geierman.

In his closing remarks during the Oath of Office ceremony, Geierman thanked Donna Pittman, who served two terms as mayor, and said that Doraville is at a crossroads for greatness.

“I’m really excited to be taking the helm in 2020. This is an exciting time for Doraville. We have all the ingredients for success,” Geierman said.


Some of the immediate goals the mayor and council will be working towards will be hiring a full time city manager and making it easier for residents to work directly with officials and city hall.(tncms-asset)814a6c44-32fb-11ea-9128-f7f4718e5802(2)(/tncms-asset)


“We will be working hard to unlock our city’s potential and getting to work on what our priorities are, but it’s not council alone that will make Doraville the place that we all know it can be. We really do need civic engagement and all different kinds of people to make it a better place. I hope you’ll communicate with us and stay engaged. As your new mayor, I will strive to make these connections and help Doraville live up to its potential,” said Geierman.

“The next four years are going to be an incredible time of growth for our city, and I am committed to ensuring everyone has a seat at the table,” said Cohen Morris on social media.


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