Dogs playing at LifeLine in DeKalb

Two adoptable dogs at LifeLine Animal Services in DeKalb play during a newly implemented program at the shelter.

LifeLine Animal Project in DeKalb is currently experience very high intake levels at with the shelter taking in 653 animals in May.

They currently have about 725 animals at DCAS, including about 500 dogs and 225 cats. One reason for the higher number of animals at DCAS is that many people are not aware of the shelter's location, so adoptions are down from last year, according to officials. Another reasons for the high intake is due to all the unspayed pets and spring babies coming in to the shelter.

Officials said the shelter is in dire need of adopters and foster parents to help continue to save so many lives. People who cannot commit to adopting can foster a dog for any period of time (a few days, a few weeks, a few months, etc.).

For those interested in adopting, LifeLine Animal Project has created a "Pick Your Price" Promotion, where adopters can name the price they want to pay to adopt their new family member throughout June. This includes the pets spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinations. They have all kinds of dogs, including Huskies, German Shepherds, Labs and more.

In order to ease the agitation that can come with most dogs spending much of their time in a kennel, LifeLife has also implemented a new program to allow the dogs to get out, interact, socialize and play with other dogs in a safe environment.

"We recently implemented a program that allows us to get large number of dogs out of their kennels and playing together on a regular basis. Thanks to an organization called 'Dogs Playing for Life,' our staff and volunteers have been on testing dogs to see if they’re play group candidates, determining dogs’ play styles, pairing play styles together and holding safe and fun play groups with multiple dogs," said Karen Hirsch, public relations director for LifeLine Animal Project. "Dogs Playing for Life states that after they implement this program at shelters, many dogs who were labeled “aggressive” have the label removed, since they were just reacting to the stress of kennel life. The program also improves employee morale and lets staff get to know dogs' personalities better, so that they can promote them to potential adopters."

For more information, please visit the DeKalb shelter location at 3280 Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Chamblee.


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