Counterpose Steve Steinman

Pictured is ‘Counterpose,’ a sculpture by Steve Steinman.

As a sculptor, Steve Steinman specializes in taking cast-off items and transforming them into works of art, including some pieces that are used as outdoor public art.

“In my particular case, I’ve been working on the importance of recycling, and our society has become a disposable society where we manufacture many items but we don’t know what to do with these things after their time has come and gone,” said the Sandy Springs resident, whose goal is to have each of his sculptures “say something interesting, politically or otherwise.”

“We dispose of things and it causes all sorts of problems with our society,” Steinman said. “I’m taking things discarded and no longer important in the public conscience in the landfills and on the roadsides and seeing the beauty in these machine parts, auto parts and refinishing them and assembling them into something aesthetically that is beautiful. We should think about what we’re doing (as a society).”

So it was only natural for his studio, Steve Steinman Fine Art, located near Zonolite Park in DeKalb County, to host The Art of Out – Form & Function speaker forum event Nov. 9 from 5 to 8 p.m. Steinman, artist and Poem88 gallery owner Robin Bernat and Anne Archer Dennington, executive director of Flux Projects, will talk about the intersections between art and the outdoors.

Moderated by Heather Infantry of Moving in the Spirit, this interactive Q&A discussion will also feature free food, beverages and tours of event beneficiary Nickel Bottom Garden/Zonolite Park. Tickets are $20.

The forum is part of a series of events TuckerMott, the management company that owns the Floataway buildings near the park, including the one housing Steinman’s studio, is hosting as a fundraiser for the garden and park. Steinman said he has agreed to donate one of his sculptures to the park later this year.

“I hope (forum attendees) have a better understanding of what public art in the way of sculpture … is all about (afterwards), but from my end of it, public art, what the things organizations are looking for when they choose public art for a space and how the artists and the organization that is placing the public art work together,” he said. “Who their constituents are, what they ultimately want to do, what restraints may or may not be placed on any given space, the whole inner workings of it.”

Bernat, a Buckhead resident, represents at her gallery artists whose work range from painting to drawing to photography to filmmaking. She said this talk will focus on how Poem88 is connected to nature.

“Occasionally we have exhibitions that are tied very specifically to the location of the gallery. I’m going to be talking about four artists’ work at Poem88 where Peachtree Creek was the inspiration for the work they made,” Bernat said, referring to the waterway that runs on the southern border of the park, which also has a trail running through it.

She also said some local performance artists have used Zonolite buildings for their shows.

“I feel like it’s a unique spot to have an art gallery to have access to a park and the creek and trails,” Bernat said.

November represents the start of a busy period for Steinman, who is having his work displayed at three different venues over the next 14 months. First, Gallery 72, a downtown Atlanta gallery owned by the city, will host “Trashed: The Art of Recycling,” an exhibition set for Nov. 16 through Jan. 31.

He will also have his art exhibited at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, which is hosting the “Lost Parts and Found Narratives” exhibition Jan. 13 through March 25, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is holding the “Georgia Artists” exhibition throughout 2018.

“I am extremely excited,” Steinman, who also specializes in photography, said of the upcoming sculpture exhibitions. “The work is all new work and as any artist loves to do, they love to get the work out there for people to see so they can see a work plead its case or say something. My art is paramount to get that message out.”

Steve Steinman Fine Art is located at 1178 Zonolite Place in Atlanta.

For more information on the forum or to purchase tickets, visit


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